“Belinda has a wealth of knowledge and experience, and is finding ways to share this knowledge and build my self-awareness through a myriad of tools and techniques…Belinda is practical, and is always willing to listen without judging…This is harder work than I thought, but I think the results are more than worth it.”
VP of Finance, Leading Global Biopharmaceutical Company

“Dr. Belinda Block is able to focus a client on personal and professional goals with empathy and concrete suggestions. She has the ability to objectively analyze complex situations and provide action steps to move toward positive outcomes. In addition, she brings warmth and humor to her coaching work, so that the process is actually enjoyable. I highly recommend her in assisting both individuals and organizations in their coaching requirements.”
HR Executive, Healthcare Industry

The ideas weren’t new, but it was the first time I was engaged in the ideas.
D.O., Professor, Medical College

“Just letting you know I had a great hour meeting with Belinda. I really appreciate the opportunity to work with her.”
From a referral: Executive, Insurance Industry

“I am a very goal oriented person who believes that people are either helping you get to the goal or they are in the way. My specific challenge was to recognize how to set a better environment for achieving success and to put myself in the other person’s shoes to gauge how to allow a win-win result.

Belinda used a questioning technique that allowed me to see how the situation may have been handled differently and helped me to recognize why I had received the reaction that I had.

I have had good success with the techniques that Belinda taught me/made me aware of. I have been able to use them both in my professional work as well as in my personal life. I can see a change after the short time and I have been working to improve relationships by changing the way I approach them, based on the techniques I learned from Belinda. It was a great experience for me and I would highly recommend it. You don’t have to be a manager to use these techniques or knowledge to improve your life!”
SVP/CIO, Insurance Industry

“If you really want to tackle issues that are holding you back from your fullest potential, then Belinda Block is the development professional for you. She was at once compassionate, insightful, and incisive in getting me to see patterns I had created in my life that simply were outside my peripheral vision…I will forever be grateful for her assistance in freeing me up to live a fuller professional and personal life.”
Financial Services Executive, Major US Bank

“Belinda often provided insights that I never would have realized unless she laid it on the line so plainly. For instance, several years ago, when we were working on a mission-critical project together, she pointed out that I was the one who made the difference in that and other critical client relationships, where she observed how much I truly cared, providing a high level of attention to detail and advocacy to my valued clients as a standard. I so appreciate Belinda’s astute, objective and professional perspective.”
Professional Services Sales Executive

“I can still remember sitting in my office and had gotten off a development call with some field managers. Belinda wasn’t on the call with me, but I later debriefed her. She immediately asked me if I was engaged in the call and really listening or, as she suspected, was I thinking ahead to the next question I would pose. She nailed it. She coached me on how to be in the moment during the next call. What a difference it made! I think of it often.”
Training Professional, Financial Services